Figured's integration with Agworld allows you to connect your Figured farm with Agworld and automatically pull across data, saving you time and bringing together your data sets for clearer decision making.

Figured pulls through the following from Agworld:

  • Farms and Fields

    • Figured takes the farms and fields within the Agworld company and creates them within Figured, or updates any existing properties and fields if desired.

  • Activities on the fields

    • Figured takes the planned activities in Agworld and creates forecast cost invoices against your Crop Seasons, making it easier to see how you track to your plans in the full financial context of your farm.

This is a read-only integration. Any data pulled across to Figured from Agworld is uneditable, maintaining Agworld as the source of truth.

The Figured and Agworld integration is available on any Figured product plan that is on Rolling Plan and contains trackers, and with a paid Agworld subscription.

Information needed to integrate

In order to set up the Agworld integration, you'll need:

  • Agworld username

  • Agworld password

Note: Any users on the Figured farm that wish to manage the integration with Agworld will need to have Agworld access to the particular company that is connected. This can be managed within Agworld itself.

Integration Setup Process

Figured’s Integration Setup wizard will step you through the setup process. Navigate to Settings > Agworld Integration to get started and follow these articles for more guidance through the process.

  1. Set up Properties and Fields - bring across your Agworld farms and fields into Figured.

  2. Create Crop Seasons - create Crop Season trackers in Figured which will be linked to Agworld.

  3. Set up products and operations - set up your Agworld products and operations in Figured.

  4. Map Crop Seasons - specify which field plans you wish to track where.

  5. View created invoices - utilise the Agworld data in your Figured Crop Season.

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