Now that you have completed the setup for Properties and Fields, you will need to set up Crop Seasons in Figured if you wish to pull through Agworld Field Plan data. These Crop Seasons will be where the activities planned for your Agworld fields will be created as cost invoices.

Figured pulls across Planned Activities from Field Plans.

(Note: We are working on pulling through Recommendations and Work Orders as well).

Figured does not pull across any actuals from Agworld.

Set up your Crop Seasons using your newly created/mapped Agworld fields. You only need to create the Crop Season and set up the Crop Season Area for now, as you will create the link between your Agworld Field Plans and Crop Seasons at a later stage of the setup.

Read more about Crop Seasons here.

This page will prompt you to create your Crop Seasons. If you have already set them up, review them and then hit ‘Next’ to continue to the next step.

1. Click the button to follow the link to the Trackers page.

2. Click ‘Create New Tracker’ on the top right of the Trackers page. Select ‘Crop Season’.

3. Name your Crop Season and select the relevant Crop Type from the dropdown, then click ‘Create’

4. Click ‘Define Crop Season Area’ to specify which fields and area you will be planting.

5. Specify the start date for the season and then select the fields (you will now have all the Agworld fields that you set up available).

Your Crop Season is now created.

Set up all the Crop Seasons you need, then navigate back to the Agworld Integration setup (it should be open in your other tab, otherwise go back via Settings > Agworld Integration, and just click ‘Next’ until you get to the desired step.

Read about the next step here.

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