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Agworld - Frequently Asked Questions
Agworld - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the Agworld Integration

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I want to learn more about Agworld.

Check out the help doc ‘About the Agworld Integration’ for an overview of how Figured’s Agworld integration can streamline your forecasting process on Figured.

Which Figured customers are eligible to use the Agworld integration?

Any Figured subscriptions that use operation trackers can use the integration. On the Agworld side, any paid Agworld subscription.

What data does Figured pull into Agworld?

  • Properties & Fields information

    • Names of the farms (properties) and fields in Agworld and their area for the current season. Seasons in Agworld can overlap dates; where this is the case, Figured will pull the data for the season which has been most recently updated.

  • Products and Operations in use in Agworld

    • Figured pulls in Products and Operations that have been used as inputs on Agworld. There is a setup step to pull in the products so they can be used on Figured, and a setup step for Operations so that Figured knows how to handle these.

  • Planned Activities

    • Activities/Jobs from Agworld of the type: Planned Activity. These are entered via Field Plans or the Jobs tab on Agworld. The data from Planned Activities is pulled into Figured and used to create Forecast Costs. This means that the Agworld plan becomes the forecast in Figured.

Can I edit my Agworld data in Figured?

No. In order to maintain data integrity with the integration, any data pulled from Agworld is uneditable so that Agworld remains the source of truth. Any incorrect data seen in Figured originating in Agworld will need to be corrected in Agworld. When the integration is disconnected, data pulled into Figured from Agworld will no longer be read-only and will become editable.

How do I enable the Agworld integration for a Figured farm?

Get in touch with our team via our Green Chat Bubble and a member of our team and switch the integration on for you.

Who should set up the integration?

Anyone who has a login to the Agworld Company can set up the integration, however someone with knowledge about the data in Agworld is probably best to do this.

How does the Properties and Fields work?

The Agworld integration will pull across all Farms & Fields in the connected Agworld file. The area assigned to each field follows this logic:

  • Where the field is part of the current season, the current area is used.

  • Where the field is not part of the current season, the oldest area found is used.

If there are fields in Agworld that you do not wish to pull into Figured, these can simply be ignored by selecting ‘Ignore’ in the dropdown on the mapping page.

The integration does not track the field changes and does not build up a history of area in Figured. This means that each time there are changes in Agworld, the field areas are updated as per the above logic, but this is not recorded as a field change. In some situations, the way the integration works may mean that fields in Figured are not fully reflective of what is desired. This is a current limitation of the integration. The integration is still usable even if fields are not in the desired state. This is because when setting the Crop Season Area in Crop Trackers, the field area can be manually overridden to reflect the true area of fields that are in use for that crop.

I'm seeing fields that I don't want to pull into Figured. What can I do?

If there are fields in Agworld that you do not wish to pull into Figured, these can simply be ignored by selecting ‘Ignore’ in the dropdown on the mapping page.

The field areas being pulled in from Agworld look incorrect. What is going on?

Figured only pulls one area per field and does not build up the field history.

The area that Figured pulls from Agworld for each field follows this logic:

  • Where the field is part of the current season, the current area is used.

    • Figured determines the current season based on the date - if the current date falls within the start and end date of the season (set in Agworld), this is treated as the current season. Where there are multiple seasons that are deemed to be current, Figured uses the season with the earlier start date.

  • Where the field is not part of the current season, the oldest area found is used.

This is a current limitation of the integration and if the accuracy of the field area is of high importance, then the Agworld integration might not be suited to your farm. However, when it comes to crop reporting, this is driven by the Crop Season Area set in the tracker. When setting up a tracker, the area used can be set to anything. This means that the area pulled from Agworld can be corrected at this point if needed. Get in touch with a member of the Figured team for assistance.

What happens if I connect my farm to Agworld and decide to switch the integration off?

  • If you want to keep the Agworld-created forecasts: There is the ability to disconnect the integration via a button in the integration set up. Once you have disconnected it will keep everything that have been imported across however it will be editable in Figured and longer linked to Agworld. This will allow for all fields to be editable again as well.

  • If you want all the Agworld-created forecasts to be deleted: If you want the forecast invoices to all be deleted though, then you’ll need to go through the Integration Setup and un-map everything on the last step. It’s important to note that if you miss this step you will have to manually delete all invoices afterwards.

Do I need to load all my products during the set up or can I come back add this information later?

No, you will be able to continue through the integration setup without setting up all of the products. However, if you want the Forecast Costs using those products to be created, they will need to be set up. This is because the information collected (for example, the account) during this step is required for Figured to create forecasts.

If I update my field plan in Agworld will it update in Figured?

Yes. The integration syncs with Agworld daily. This means that if there are new Planned activities added via the Field Plan or the Jobs tab in Agworld, these will be pulled across provided that the integration has been set up for that particular field and crop. If you are not seeing the data update immediately in Figured, this is likely because the daily sync has not yet occurred and picked up the changes yet. Try checking back later. Alternatively, if you need to see the changes reflected immediately you can go to the Agworld Integration setup and navigate through until you reach the Agworld Sync step. This will trigger the sync manually.

The numbers in my Crop Season look incorrect and are not matching Agworld. What is going on?

The issue could be related to one of the following:

  • Tax Settings - during the integration set-up, there is a step where you can specify if the values from Agworld are to be treated as tax inclusive or exclusive. Figured will calculate the costs according to this setting. If this setting is incorrect, you may see numbers that don't match Agworld. Navigate through the Agworld Integration set-up until you get to this step in order to correct this.

  • Crop Season Area - when you create your crop trackers, the Crop Season Area must be set to use the fields that you have pulled into Figured from Agworld. If the incorrect fields are selected, you will not be able to pull Agworld data into that tracker. Double check your Crop Season Area contains all the fields you wish to pull data in for.

  • Crop Season Mapping - on the last step of the integration, you can select which data to pull into the Crop Season. It is possible there is an error here if the numbers are incorrect. You can check this by navigating through the Integration Setup until you get to the last step.

If you are still having trouble figuring out what numbers are showing, get in touch with a member of the team via the green bubble.

Does my data in Figured flow back to Agworld?

No, the integration only pulls data from Agworld into Figured. Data from Figured does not flow back into Agworld.

Is there a way to change a property from Owned to Rented?

We do not receive that data from Agworld and when the properties and fields get linked/created in Figured, they are defaulted to 'Owned' and since they are read-only, they cannot be changed. In Figured, the information of whether a field is owned/rented is not used anywhere so will not have any effect throughout the farm.

If a farmer changes the paddock plans for crops due to seasonal conditions in Agworld. Is this automatically updated in Figured or do you need to remap the crop seasons?

Figured syncs with Agworld daily. This means that once the integration has been set up, any changes made in Agworld will be pulled through. If there are new fields/products/operations/seasons that you wish to pull into Figured from Agworld then additional set up may be necessary before forecast costs can be created automatically.

In-season changes may also be recorded as Work Orders, Recommendations, or Actuals in Agworld. These are not currently pulled into Figured as part of the integration. If you wish for these to be reflected in Figured, they will need to be entered as Planned Activities.

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