Crop Season Setup

Crop Season Setup is the last step of the integration setup process. This is where you specify which seasons and which crops you wish to track where.

  1. Select Crop Season tracker (you will have created these already in an earlier step)

  2. Select the season (from Agworld) that you wish to track in that Crop Season

  3. The crops that are planned for the selected season will be displayed in the table. Tick the ones you wish to track in that Crop Season

  4. Select the Product that those Planned Crops correspond to

  5. Click ‘Add Another’ if you wish to map other seasons and their planned crops to the same tracker

  6. Click ‘Map Another Tracker’ if you wish to complete mappings for your other Crop Seasons

  7. Once you are finished, click ‘Save’ to complete the integration setup process. You have now connected your Figured Crop Seasons successfully to Agworld! The forecast cost invoices will get created automatically. Navigate to the Crop Seasons and you will be able to see the invoices.

Viewing Agworld Data in Figured

Invoices can be viewed in Crop Seasons in the Costs & Other Income section. Created invoices have the Agworld logo, showing that they were created via the Agworld integration.

Agworld-created invoices are read-only, with the exception of the Payment Date and Contact. Additionally, the ‘Copy to Actual’ functionality is available. You can use this to create actuals throughout the season as activities get completed. You can ‘Copy to Actual’ and edit the Actual (remove lines, adjust amounts etc) before saving.

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