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Getting started

Setting up your first farm on Figured & what you need to know


A curated list of the most commonly asked questions about Figured


Tips and tricks to find your way around Figured


How to manage an organisation or practice within Figured


Using the powerful planning tools in Figured

Assets & Liabilities

A guide to the features and components of the Assets & Liabilities tab in Figured

Statement of Position

Customised reporting for your assets & liabilities

Livestock trackers

Keep on top of the livestock on your farm

Milk trackers

Track the milk produced on the farm

Wool trackers

Track the wool produced on the farm

Cropping & arable

Manage and keep on top of the crops produced on the farm

Properties and fields

Managing your farms properties and fields on Figured

Product tracker & the allocator

Using the allocator & product tracker in Figured

Scenario planning

Create a long term, high level budget with the scenarios planning tool

Multi-farm / multi-enterprise

Create and manage multiple enterprises within the same Figured file

Commercial Manager
Adviser tools

Tools for accountants, farm consultants, and advisers


Generate and use the range of financial and production reports available within Figured


Guides on how to integrate Figured to other tools in your farming software stack


Getting your data ready for the Figured team to onboard your practice


Billing, Security, GDPR, and other bits and pieces relating to your account on Figured

Insights Platform

Bring more clarity, agility and prosperity to your farming clients with Figured Insights