Getting started

Setting up your first farm on Figured & what you need to know

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A curated list of the most commonly asked questions about Figured

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Tips and tricks to find your way around Figured

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How to manage an organisation or practice within Figured

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Using the powerful planning tools in Figured

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Assets & Liabilities

A guide to the features and components of the Assets & Liabilities tab in Figured

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Statement of Position

Customised reporting for your assets & liabilities

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Livestock trackers

Keep on top of the livestock on your farm

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Milk trackers

Track the milk produced on the farm

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Wool trackers

Track the wool produced on the farm

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Cropping & arable

Manage and keep on top of the crops produced on the farm

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Properties and fields

Managing your farms properties and fields on Figured

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Product tracker & the allocator

Using the allocator & product tracker in Figured

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Scenario planning

Create a long term, high level budget with the scenarios planning tool

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Multi-farm / multi-enterprise

Create and manage multiple enterprises within the same Figured file

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Commercial Manager

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Adviser tools

Tools for accountants, farm consultants, and advisers

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Generate and use the range of financial and production reports available within Figured

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Guides on how to integrate Figured to other tools in your farming software stack

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Getting your data ready for the Figured team to onboard your practice

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Billing, Security, GDPR, and other bits and pieces relating to your account on Figured

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Insights Platform

Bring more clarity, agility and prosperity to your farming clients with Figured Insights

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