Step 1 - Navigate to Settings > Agworld Integration. You will see an Integration Setup page.

Step 2 - In order to connect to the right Agworld server, Figured needs to know which country your Agworld account is set up in. This should just be the same as the country your farm is set up in.

Step 3 - You will be prompted to sign in to Agworld

Step 4 - Authorise the connection between Agworld and Figured.

Step 5 - You will be prompted to select the Agworld Company you wish to connect to your farm in Figured.

Step 6 - Set up your Agworld farms and fields as Figured properties and fields. This step requires some mapping in order to create new properties and fields using the Agworld data, or to override properties and fields that you already have in Figured.

Create a mapping between the Agworld Farm and Figured Property by using the drop-downs.

  • You may choose to map the Agworld farm to an existing Figured property. This will allow you to map the fields within that Agworld farm to fields existing in that Figured property, and create any additional fields as required. Mapping Agworld farms/fields to anything already existing in Figured will override the data you had in Figured as it will now be maintained by Agworld data.

  • You may choose to ‘Create New Property’ for that Agworld Farm. This will take the data you have in Agworld and set up that farm as a Figured property with all associated fields.

Note: Figured's Agworld integration will use the farms and fields set up for your most recently created current season.

Step 7 - Hit Confirm once you have finished and you will see a confirmation message with a link to your Properties section in Figured.

You can view the Properties and Fields as you would normally. Any Properties and Fields that are connected to Agworld will show with the Agworld icon and are read-only.

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