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My 2FA setup is not accepting the generated code, how do I fix it?
My 2FA setup is not accepting the generated code, how do I fix it?
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If you are having issues with your 2FA codes being accepted into Figured upon login or you simply don’t have access to your device at the time of login, we have multiple alternative options available to you.

Use a backup code or backup email:

When setting up the 2FA against your account you would have been given the option to set a backup email. You also would have been given a list of backup codes and Figured advises you to store these codes in a safe place fore reference. They should look something like the codes below. Those options are made available as a fail safe in an event such as this.

On the Figured login screen you have the option to ‘use another authentication method’

When you select this option it allows you to select between using a backup code or your backup email.

When selecting the backup code option, you simply need to refer back to your saved backup code list and enter one of the codes from that list. This will allow you access to your account.

Troubleshooting your authenticator app:

When using the back up email option, you will receive an email with a code. Enter this 6-digit code upon login and you will have access to your account.If you are setting up 2FA on Figured and run into an issue where the authenticator generated code isn't being accepted by Figured, it may be due to your time settings on your phone.

On an iPhone:

  • Go to the Settings app

  • Select General

  • Select Date & Time

  • Enable Set Automatically

On an Android:

  • Go to the Settings app

  • Select General Management

  • Select Date and Time

  • Enable Automatic date and time

Alternatively Android users who are using the Google Authenticator app can use the Time Sync option within the Authenticator app itself.

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