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What is Commercial Manager and how do I set it up?
What is Commercial Manager and how do I set it up?
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What is Commercial Manager?

Commercial Manager is our subscription type specifically for accounting practices that are wanting to keep their non-farming clients' reporting streamlined within the practice. This subscription includes planning & reporting without the production trackers, with access to the scenarios tool and includes custom account categories.

Who can set up a Commercial Manager file?

Commercial Manager is only available to accounting practices that have set up organisations within Figured.

You will be able to set up a Commercial Manager file only if your Figured user login is listed as part of an organisation within Figured.

How do I set up a Commercial Manager file?

If you're new to Figured you can also watch this short video which shows the steps below, and how to set up a Figured account and organisation. You'll need both of these prior to creating a Commercial Manager file.

Head to and select + Create a Farm

Fill out the required fields for the name of the entity and click next to view the billing page.

On the billing page for the field 'Bill Payer' you will need to select 'An organisation' or you will not see the option for Commercial Manager in the Product Plan drop down box.

Once you've selected the appropriate bill payer and organisation you'll have the option to select Commercial Manager.

You will then be able to continue the setup as you would for a normal farm.

We have another article to explain how to set up the custom account categories here.

Congratulations, you have now set up your singular Commercial Manager file πŸŽ‰

For further setup configurations, check out Commercial Manager: multi-entity and multi-enterprise.


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