If you are attempting to run a sync to Xero on your Figured farm and you notice it doesn't complete as it should do, then there's a chance that the initial Xero setup may not have been done correctly.

Figured requires Adviser access to a Xero account, meaning that when you first setup your Figured farm, if you connect to Xero and you do not have Adviser access on Xero - the connection will not be complete. Figured will have a lower level of access to your Xero account, and it won't be able to bring across all of your data!

To remedy this, you'll need to head into Xero > Settings > Connected apps > Disconnect Figured.

Then someone with Adviser access on Xero will need to head back to the Figured farm, and re-connect Figured to Xero using the prompts shown on screen.

Send the team a message via the green chat bubble if you're still not able to sync your Figured account to your Xero account.

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