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Connecting files to Xero within a Figured Organisation
Connecting files to Xero within a Figured Organisation

Connecting files to Xero as part of enablement process for Accounting Practices, or if multiple files have become disconnected from Xero

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As part of the enablement process for accounting practices the Figured customer success team will bulk import a list of files with no Xero connection. This will need to be completed by the accounting practice through the Figured organisation.

Login to and click through to your organisation

Click into the Farms tab and search for the farm you wish to connect. Or manually click through each disconnected farm. You can determine which farms are disconnected by the Xero icon that either has a green tick or a red cross.

Once you click the Xero icon you will be prompted to login to your Xero account. Ensure you are entering the correct login details for access to the appropriate farm you are wanting to connect.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you select the correct Xero file for that Figured farm as this cannot be changed once connected.

Note: If you aren't seeing the appropriate farm in the Xero drop down you either don't have access under that Xero login or your access is not the required adviser level.

Once this has been complete you'll be taken back to the list of farms and that farm will now display with the green tick Xero icon.

Repeat this process for all the farms in the enablement list, or for all farms you wish to reconnect to Xero in that organisation.

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