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Enabling multi-farm (multi-enterprise)

Learn how to setup a multi-farm (multi-enterprise) in Xero and Figured

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Using Xero’s tracking category and options feature, you can plan and manage all production (for multiple farms) all trading under the same entity in Figured using multi-farm (multi-enterprise).

You can see the individual performance of each farm, as well as a consolidated view of the entire business.

If you have more than one Xero trading entity, you’ll need multiple Figured accounts, as multi-farm (multi-enterprise) is only suitable for multiple farms, trading under one legal entity.

NOTE: Multi-farm (multi-enterprise) has an additional cost - each farm is an additional Figured license.

Your current subscription cost can be found under the Farm > Settings > Billing.

In Xero

Go to Settings > General Settings, click on Tracking and Add Tracking Category. Under the Category add in as many Category Options as needed, these will be used to create each "farm" in Figured. 

In Figured

Once your tracking categories have been added in Xero, sync Figured and Xero then go to Settings > Multi-farm (for Farm Manager files) or Settings > Multi-enterprise (for Commercial Manager files) and configure your farm.

From here, select Yes for Enabled (from the drop down) and Farm for the tracking category (this is derived from the Tracking category name you added in Xero earlier) then click Save.

Once you’ve done this a new drop option will be shown on the top of the page which dictates how you view your multi-farm (multi-enterprise).

  • Consolidated – This brings together all information from each farm and shows consolidated reports and budgets

  • Unassigned – This is where all information not attributed to one particular farm e.g. Operating Expenses can be entered

  • Farm Name – Per farm and there’s no limit to the amount of farms you can have, under one Xero trading entity

If you're on a Farm Manager file, you can move on to setup your production trackers for multi-farm.

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