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Connecting Figured and Xero
Connecting Figured and Xero

Getting your Figured farm linked to your Xero account

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As part of your Figured farm creation, Figured will redirect you to Xero where you are able to link your existing Xero account to your new Figured file.

If you haven’t yet got a Xero account, you can sign up for a free trial or ask your accountant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Xero account used to establish the initial Figured integration is deactivated, then the Figured/Xero connection will need to be re-established to ensure Figured gets trusted and secure access to Xero data.

Once logged into Xero, it will redirect you to the Authorise Application page in Xero.

Select the organisation you wish to connect to Figured in the drop-down menu. If you have already granted Figured access to your desired Xero organisation, it will show as already connected in the drop-down.

You can then ‘Continue with X organisations’. Figured will reconnect your farm with the right Xero organisation.

NOTE: Once a farm has been connected to a Xero account, it cannot be disconnected and reconnected to another Xero account. If the wrong Xero account has been connected to a Figured Farm by mistake, you will have create a new Figured Farm.

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