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What are Organisation Report Packs?

Organisation Report Packs put the organisation in control of the types of reports they distribute, to whom, and when. Once the Report Packs have been set up in your Figured Organisation, all you need to do is schedule the send time/frequency within the farm and you're away.

You may already be familiar with Report Packs at an individual farm level. Organisation Report Packs go a step further as a practice/adviser tool to enable the automation of farm-specific reporting at scale. Just create the Organisation Report Pack once in your organisation, linking any saved report views and you'll then see the packs appear on your individual farms for you to schedule their automatic distribution.

For a detailed run-through, check out our YouTube videos on Report Packs.

How do I set up an Organisation Report Pack?

Under your organisation's home page, navigate to Tools > Org Report Packs

Select either button to + Add Report Pack and give it a name and description

Select the Figured subscription your Organisation Report Pack is to be created for (you cannot create packs across different subscription types e.g. Farm Manager and Farm Reporter)

From here you will be configuring the details of your Organisation Report Pack, just like you would for a farm-level Report Pack (instructions here). You have the option to include a header and footer, as well as add as many reports and narrations as you like.

In Organisation report packs you have the ability to add a placeholder for the farm name, {{farm_name}}. This will mean when the org report pack is printed in the farm, the Farm’s name will print in the Header/Narration/Footer.

You also have the ability to add a dynamic date to the Header/Narration/Footer, these will change based off the farm dates you are running the pack in. For example, your report pack header is Report pack for year ended {{season_end}} {{last_year}} - in one farm that will say Report pack for year ended 31 March 2022 and in another farm it might be Report pack for year ended 31 May 2022.

Saved views and Farm Favourites

Your Report Packs are configured by utilising the farm-level saved report views (remember to create these using 'dynamic dates').

You also have the ability to set a saved view as a favourite within the farm itself.

This is important for any farm-specific information you wish to pull into that Organisation Report Pack (i.e. Production Reports with farm-specific trackers, or saved views with farm-specific snapshots). Without saving as a favourite, you will get no farm-specific saved information into your Organisation Report Packs.

To set a view as a favourite, simply click the greyed-out star icon when saving a view on an individual farm file so that it turns gold, as shown below.

You will see that it also saves those favourite view settings as default, so whenever you click into that report within the farm it will load on those settings.

Back to the Organisation Report Packs inside your organisation, you will see the options to select either a Farm Favourite or any of the named saved report views created that have the visibility set to your organisation.

Selecting Farm Favourite (shown below) will pull through that starred favourite report into the farm's Organisation report pack, ready for scheduling.

Scheduling to send your Organisation Report Pack

In an individual farm, if Organisation Report packs are set up and you're on a linked organisation login, you will see these pull through in the Report Packs.

You can click Actions > Schedule to select the people (farm users) it is to be emailed, the start date of the email, and the frequency.

If you wish to edit the Organisation Report pack on a one off basis you can click Preview > make the adjustments you wish > and then download or save. These changes will not be pushed back to the pack created within your Organisation.

This is then sent out via email to those users' email addresses with the report pack attached as a pdf at the time specified.

Congratulations 🎉 You have completed your Organisation Report Pack.

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