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Statement of Position - Reporting
Statement of Position - Reporting

Reporting in the Statement of Position - Snapshots, Reporting and Sharing

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Once you've finished editing your statement of position, you can run the completed report based on your changes.

Where can I run the Statement of Position report?

Clicking the 'View Report' button will quickly link you to the reports tab to run your newly edited Statement of Position in a more familiar reporting format.

Here you’ll be able to use the same reporting functions as other financial reports in Figured.

Snapshots in the Statement of Position

How do I take a snapshot?

The snapshot button works exactly the same as the snapshot button in other parts of Figured.

If you have made any adjustments to your Statement of Position that you’d like to capture you can take a snapshot to store it and use it in reports later.

Please note that being the same snapshot function as the rest of Figured, this will take a snapshot of the whole farm at that point in time, and not just the Statement of Position page. This snapshot will then sit with your other snapshots under the Planning tab

Understand more about Snapshots within your farm.

How can I use a snapshot in the Statement of Position?

If you have an existing snapshot you would like to use as a starting point for your report you can load this into the Statement of Position page and edit this snapshot.

How do I share the Statement of Position report?

Like all other reports in Figured, you can share the Statement of Position in several ways.

  • Download to PDF will allow you to quickly send the Statement of Position as an attachment for others to view.

  • Copy to Clipboard will allow you to paste into an external platform if you’re building a report pack in an external accounting platform.

  • Save to csv will export the report as a csv file to manipulate in a spreadsheet externally.

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