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Organisations on Figured

Creating an organisation on Figured allows you to easily manage multiple farms

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What is an organisation?

At the beginning of your profile setup, if you've registered as an accountant you are given the option to create an Organisation ("org")

While Figured allows individual users to access and manage billing for farms, it also includes the ability for an entire business (with all its staff) to be granted access and manage the farm’s subscription.

This is used when adding your accounting practice or rural consultancy to a farm so that their staff can assist and be kept up to date with the farm performance. We call these types of businesses-with-access organisations.

Once your organisation owner has added the staff members to the organisation, they will then automatically have access to any farms that the organisation is subsequently given access to. 

This process allows the administrator to easily add and remove staff, and stands in contrast to manually granting access to each farm for each staff member individually.

Setup organisation billing

Setup the billing for your organisation enabling you to set your organisation as the bill payer for a farm.

Add organisation access to a farm

Adding organisational access to a farm enables all organisation members to view any farms with organisation access. You also won't be able to assign your organisation as the bill payer until access is given.

NOTE: Any users added to an organisation will be able to view any farms with access given.

Manage your organisation

The organisation tab allows you to manage all things related to your organisation - adding users, setting up or changing billing, an overview of your farms, and more!

When you're a member of an organisation and you wish to export a Figured report, you're able to have your organisation logo replace the Figured logo.

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