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Saved report views visibility levels
Saved report views visibility levels

What are the different visibility levels when creating a saved report view?

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When you create a saved report view you need to assign a visibility level to the saved view. Below are the different options available and the differences between them.

Private : By selecting private visibility the saved report view will be private to you.

Shared: Shared visibility means that anyone with personal or organisation access to the farm can view the saved report view.

Organisation: If you are part of an organisation you will have the option to save the report view at an organisation level. This means any of the farms within that organisation will have visibility of the saved report view for users within the organisation.

NOTE: When saving a view to your Organisation, this view will only be available on farms with the same subscription types - e.g. Farm Reporter with Farm Reporter, or Farm Manager with Farm Manager.
โ€‹Additionally, if you have selected farm specific information as part of your report settings (like a snapshot), you will be unable to save this as an Organisation view.

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