Save time by saving your report selections that are commonly used

Figured makes it easy to run your monthly report packs with saved report views available on all financial reports.

With "Save This View" you can save the selections on your reports, meaning you don't need to the set them each time you run a report, you can just load your saved view.

How to create a Saved Report View

Enter the report that you would like to create a saved view for and select your report options as you normally would.

Dynamic Dates (e.g - this year, last year, this month, last month) will come in handy here. For example, you don't want to be saving a report view with "Actuals to October", you want to save it with "Actuals to Last Month" so that when you come to run it next month you don't have to update any dates!

Once you've selected the report options that you'd like to save select the "Save This View" button.

That will then give you a pop up window to complete the details of your saved report. You need to give your saved report option a name, select the visibility level, and you have the option to give it a description.

After saving your report view, you can now select the saved report view using the drop down menu when you run the report next.

**NOTE: **Saved report views are associated with a subscription type, if you downgrade or upgrade your farms subscription, its farm specific saved views will disappear.

Favouriting a saved report view

You also have the ability to set a saved view as a favourite.

To set a view as a favourite, simply click the greyed-out star icon when saving a view on an individual farm file so that it turns gold, as shown below.

You will see that it also saves those favourite view settings as default, so whenever you click into that report within the farm it will load on those settings.

Editing a saved report view

If you need to make changes to a saved report view you can do so by:

Selecting the saved report view > Make the changes to the report options > Click "Save/Update This View" > Update the saved report view details > Click "Update This View"

Deleting a Saved Report View

To delete a saved report view you can do so by:

Selecting the saved report view > Select "View Details" > Select the red trash can icon next to the saved report view that you want to delete > Click "Yes Delete" to confirm.

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