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Connecting QuickBooks Online and Figured
Connecting QuickBooks Online and Figured

Getting a Figured farm linked to your QuickBooks Online company

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As part of your Figured farm creation, Figured will redirect you to QuickBooks Online where you are able to link your existing QuickBooks Online company to your new Figured file.

To get started, login into your Figured account and click on the blue button + Create a Farm.

This will prompt Figured’s five step integration wizard:

Step 1: Farm Setup

The QuickBooks Online integration is only available in the United States. During your Farm Setup, make sure you select your country as the United States before clicking continue.

Step 2: Billing

You will then need to select a billing option. Farms on Figured can be paid for by an Organization (Example: Accounting Practice A) or by an Individual User (Example: Client of Accounting Practice A). We recommend billing to be managed through the Organization.

Step 3: Farm Details

Basic farm details will be required to establish the profile of your farm including the Address, State, County, Organization Type, Total Tillable Area (this can be adjusted at a later date) and Farm Type.

Step 4: Connect to QuickBooks Online

Once you’ve filled in your farm details, you will be given the option to connect QuickBooks Online to your Figured farm. To do this, select the QuickBooks Online icon and click connect.

Step 5: Select your QuickBooks Online Company

You will then be asked to login to your QuickBooks Online account. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to Intuit’s Authorization Application page. If you are an accounting practice, you will need to select your Quickbooks Online Accountant company followed by your client’s QuickBooks Online company. After allowing access, Figured will kick off the first sync with your QuickBooks Online file!

Permission Requirements: You need to be the primary or company administrator on the QuickBooks Online company file you wish to connect.

Note: Once a farm has been connected to a QuickBooks Online company, it cannot be disconnected and reconnected to another QuickBooks Online company. If the wrong QuickBooks Online account has been connected to a Figured farm by mistake, you will have to create a new Figured farm following the steps above.

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