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Production Reports

What production reports are available and what information is displayed in each report.

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There are several production reports available on Figured:

  • Production

  • Production Calculation

  • Crop Season Summary

  • Dairy Gross Margin

  • Livestock Gross Margin

Production Report

The production report allows you to assess the productivity of your farm, right down to each income or expense item.

Each income or expense item is measured by:

  • Kg or kgMS of production

  • Hectare

  • Stock Quantity

This provides insight into how efficient each allocation of resources has been for the business.

For example, if you spent $60,723 on fertiliser for the year, which equates to $35.10 per hectare for 1730 effective hectares - could you spend more by increasing dry matter or less on buying supplements?

Production Calculation

The production calculation report overviews all the sales and purchases per stock class and production movements within a given year.

If you want to check how Figured calculates these numbers you can hover your mouse over the question mark symbol next to each heading.

The closing live weight and dress-out ratio are set within your tracker's configured weights page.

Cost of Production

The cost of production report summarises your total livestock production, direct costs, overhead cost allocations, and expenses for each season. It can be run per livestock tracker to give you insights.

Crop Season Summary

The crop summary report shows a breakdown of all the information about a specific Crop tracker; it provides information on the area used by the crop, the yield, the income and costs associated and the value of all on-hand products that have not yet been sold or used.

Dairy Gross Margin

The gross dairy margin report is a combination view of your dairy cattle tracker and your milk tracker. It shows you all the financial info and KPIs regarding your dairy operations, both the livestock and the produce of that livestock.

Livestock Gross Margin

The livestock gross margin report shows you key information regarding your livestock trackers; you may select just one or multiple depending on what you would like to see.

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