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Tracker reports

What tracker reports are available and what information is displayed in each report

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Tracker reports

There are several tracker reports available on Figured:

  • Tracker Summary

  • Tracker Transactions

  • Tracker Monthly

  • Tracker Movement

  • Management Valuations

  • Product Summary

Within these reports, you can view individual trackers or consolidate trackers of the same type.

Tracker Summary

The Tracker Summary report shows your livestock reconciliation as per what you'd see in the production tracker itself, along with a summary of all sales and purchases.

Tracker Transactions

The Tracker Transactions report allows you to review all transactions and movements made within a tracker over a designated period. This includes financial transactions, such as sales and purchases, and stock movements like births and aging transactions.

Under the ‘Additional options’ dropdown, you can filter to one or multiple Transaction Types e.g. Purchase and Sale. You can also filter to select one or more Stock Classes.

Tracker Monthly

The Tracker Monthly report shows all livestock movements on an accumulative monthly basis within a given year.

Tracker Movement

The Tracker Movement report shows all livestock movements for each month within the opening, current and closing balances of a given year.

Management Valuations

The Management Valuations report shows you the value of your stock on hand based on the values you have set in your farm's management valuations settings.

Production Summary

The Product Summary allows you to report on the movements of any product you track on your farm. This includes anything from homegrown crops, to fertiliser, even fuel. It collates the movements of the products within your product tracker and packages them in this easy-to-read report.

For video tutorials check out our reporting YouTube playlist here.

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