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Entering Used for Feed & Seed Transactions
Entering Used for Feed & Seed Transactions

Use your harvested crop production for livestock feed or seeding future crops

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Not all farms will sell all of the harvested production from their crops, many will use a some or all of their crop for feeding livestock or for seeding crops in the future. In these instances, we enter 'Used for Feed' or 'Used for Seed' transactions to show where we want this crop production allocated.

Intending a Usage at Harvest

When we enter a harvest transaction we will record the intended use of that harvest - whether we intend to sell it all, use it for feed/seed, or a mix of uses. This allows us to price the harvested product based on what we are using it for e.g. we may want to price our livestock feed at cost rather than what it might sell for.

Used for Feed and Seed Transactions

Used for feed and seed transactions are available under '+ Add transactions'.

There are 3 steps when entering these transactions:

  • The Product being used for feed or seed - this will be selected from a list of available products in your Product Tracker

  • The crop season the harvest is being taken from - Figured will select the tracker based on your intended usage entered at harvest, but you have the option to adjust this or add extra trackers

  • The trackers you intend to use the feed or seed for - if you are using the product for feed, you can select the relevant livestock tracker(s), if you are using the product for feed you will be able to select the relevant crop trackers.

Entering these Used for feed and seed transactions will then create a series of Figured-only transactions that will show the allocation of income against the harvested crop we are using, and costs against the trackers we are using the product on (in the instance above, the cost will appear against both my Beef Cattle and Dairy Cattle trackers).

This transaction will also contribute to the ‘Used On Farm’ calculation within your trackers KPI section, and the product used will be reflected in the Used/Unused values in your production KPIs.

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