Reports will be run off of your set budget / season year by default (except for the year end trading statements, which will go off your financial year set in Xero). 

If you want to run a financial report, like a cash flow or P&L, on a different basis than your budget year, you can do this by using the Custom period options. This is done in a similar way to how you generate a cash summary report in Xero.

For example, if your budget year runs from June - May but you would like to run a report for January - December, you would this by using the following options.

  1. Period: Custom

  2. From start of / to end of: Select the final date in your custom period, for example if you want a report for January - December, you'd set both dates to December 20xx

  3. Compare with previous: Because we want to run a report for 12 months, we want to compare to 11 previous periods

Once done, hit Run report and your report with custom dates has now been generated. 

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