Custom reporting dates

When running financial reports you may want to compare different periods or look at a specific date range

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Reports will be run off your set season year by default (except for the year-end trading statements, which will go off your financial year set in your preferred accounting software).

If you want to run a financial report, like a cash flow or P&L, on a different basis than your season year, you can do this using the Custom period options. This is done similarly to generating a cash summary report in your cloud-based accounting software.

For example, if your budget year runs from January to December, but you would like to run a report for July to June, you would do this using the following options:

  1. Period: Custom

  2. From the start of/to the end of: Select the final date in your custom period. For example, if you want a report for July - June, you'd set both dates to June 20xx

  3. Compare with previous: Because we want to run a report for 12 months, we want to compare to 11 previous periods

Once done, hit Run Report, and your custom date report has been generated.

The reports with custom reporting dates available are:

  • Financial reports

    • Profit & Loss

    • Cash Flow

    • Balance Sheet

    • Variance Report

    • Statement of Financial Position

  • Production reports

    • Production

    • Cost of Production (Livestock)

    • Crop Season Summary

    • Dairy Gross Margin

  • Tracker reports

    • Tracker Transactions

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