Adding Opening Values

Create, edit and delete opening quantities in the product tracker.

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When setting up your farm on Figured, you may want opening balances for all of the products or inventory that you already have on hand.

You can now use the Product Tracker to create, edit and delete opening values for purchased and homegrown products. You can add these opening values directly through +Add Transaction / Add Opening Value.

When entering an opening value you need to include the date, product, usage, quantity and value. The value can be added per unit or as a total.

Note: when creating opening quantities the date selector only allows a selection within the Global Date Selector (GDS) settings, so any quantities created will be visible after creation. Changing the GDS changes which dates you can select.

To edit or delete an opening value you can follow the blue hyperlinks or click view transactions and filter for the product. From there, clicking on the pencil will bring up the transaction, which gives the option to edit or delete.

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