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Why is my allocation sitting under the correct heading in profit view but not in cash view?
Why is my allocation sitting under the correct heading in profit view but not in cash view?

How values distributed to the product tracker behave within Figured reports

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What is happening?

Within Figured you can allocate transactions directly to the product tracker. . For example, I've allocated a transaction below to the product tracker as a purchase of fertiliser.

The allocated transaction has then been applied to a crops tracker within the farm. In this example I've applied the fertiliser to the Corn 2022 tracker.

When running the Profit & Loss report this allocated value sits under the crops tracker (Corn 2022) it was allocated to, as expected.

However, when running the Cash Flow report the same value sits under the Operating Expenses and not under the crops tracker.

Why is this happening?

Within Figured, the allocation to the product tracker is accrual only. This is why the allocated value sits under the crops tracker within the Profit & Loss report (accrual basis) but not the Cash Flow report (cash basis).

In our example we've allocated the value to the product tracker before making an application to the crops tracker. Therefore, when running the report it's defaulting to the product tracker logic within Figured.

When running a report on a cash basis for transactions that are allocated to the product tracker the value remains associated with the account code used in the transaction.

Can I change this so it displays the same in the Profit & Loss and Cash Flow?

If you want the value of the allocation to fall under the tracker heading within the Cash Flow report you will need to allocate this directly to the production tracker (e.g crops or livestock tracker) not the product tracker.

For the example we created above, this means editing our allocation to sit directly against the crop tracker as a general expense.

NOTE: You can add multiple distributions to the allocation for any transactions that were applied to multiple trackers.

Now that I've edited the allocation, when I run the Cash Flow report that value sits under the crops tracker heading.

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