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Adding New Products

How to add new products for harvesting or purchasing

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Figured has a default list for products we can harvest for each crop type, and a default list of purchasable products that we can store and use from the Product Tracker.

However, if there are products you wish to harvest or purchase that aren't on the default list, you can add them through the Product Tracker as described on this page.

Alternatively, you can also use the + Add Product button on the Products page in Settings if your access type allows.

Adding a Product for Purchasing

To add a product that you wish to purchase and track through the Product Tracker, simply click + New Product and fill out the required details, you'll need to add:

  1. Product Name

  2. Product Category

  3. Crop Type

  4. Unit of Measurement


Adding a Product for Harvesting

If you are adding a product in that you wish to harvest through your Crop Season, the Product will need to be linked to a Crop Type. To do this, select the category 'Crops' and use the Crop Type dropdown menu to select the type of crop this product is being harvested from.

If the relevant Crop Type is not available in the drop down, please get in touch with the Figured team.

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