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Create a scenario on Figured for those "what if" situations

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Figured’s scenarios tool lets you plan and analyse different outcomes for your farming operation across multiple years. 

The whole farming team can view and access these scenarios to make more informed decisions.  

Creating a scenario

To create a new scenario, head into the scenarios tab and click the Get started or Create new scenario button.

Enter a name, description, farm operation(s) used, type of scenario (e.g. annual review),  and a scenario start year as well as length.

NOTE: The start year cannot be changed once you've created the scenario; however, you do have the option to advance by 1 year when you copy a scenario.

You can also set the visibility of your scenario:

  • Shared - everyone with access to the farm can view and edit it

  • Private - only the user who created the scenario can view and edit it

  • Organisation - if you are a member of an organisation, you will see it as an option in the visibility drop down. Only users within the selected organisation can view and edit the scenario

On the page that follows, you'll be able to select a starting point. This could come from farm data present on your farm, or you could have a blank starting point.

If you select to import farm data, you'll be able to choose a snapshot, actuals + forecasts or a historical average. For historical averages you will need to select the number of prior year's historical you wish to average. Select which tracker data you wish to bring in as well as if you wish to bring in other income.

Now that your scenario is created you can enter the opening position of your farm before moving on to build out the scenario proposition.

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