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FAQ: One click reconciling cloud-based accounting software's actuals in trackers
FAQ: One click reconciling cloud-based accounting software's actuals in trackers

Common questions (and their answers!) about how one click reconciling works

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Keeping your trackers reconciled with your preferred accounting software has never been easier. With one click reconciling, you can import all transactions within your preferred accounting software not yet added into Figured - including any quantities or descriptions you have added.

How does it work?

When we detect an unreconciled balance in your tracker, we check what you have in your accounting software and what you have in Figured. If there are any transactions in your accounting software that don't match what you have in Figured, we allow you to import those. We do our matching on date, description and amount. So even if you've already imported a transaction, if its amount has changed, we will pull it through for you to replace the old one.

Will this delete anything in my farm(s) now?

No, you completely control the use of this tool. Clicking to import doesn't automatically save the transactions that are loaded, and importing also doesn't overwrite any existing transactions you have in your trackers. It's easy to delete the transactions you import, but if you feel you might get into a pickle, we recommend you download a copy of your transactions before starting.

Will it work for all my farms?

The helper is available on all rolling plan livestock, wool and horticulture trackers for all subscription types. If you have any farms on a lite subscription, you'll need to make sure you're in 'Real-time Tracking' mode in settings.

Will everyone who can access the farm be able to use it?

Yes, enabling the tool enables it for all users with write access.

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