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One-click reconciling your accounting software actuals in trackers
One-click reconciling your accounting software actuals in trackers

Import your existing livestock and wool transactions into your trackers directly from your accounting software

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Figured makes it easy to keep your reconciliation up to date. There are two workflows available for keeping on top of your reconciliation:

  • Figured First - Posting actual sales and purchases to your accounting software from Figured as they occur - keeping both systems up to date in one click

  • Accounting Software First - Creating invoices in your accounting system as they occur - and reconciling in Figured later

This article covers the Accounting Software First workflow and how to utilise our one-click reconciling in your livestock, wool, and related trackers.

NOTE: The example images in this article use a Figured Farm linked to Xero. The process is identical regardless of what your preferred accounting software is.

How to use one-click reconciling

Head into your livestock, wool, or related trackers with unreconciled balances to your accounting software.

Click into the unreconciled sale or purchase column.

Click the Import From button to bring through all your accounting software’s transactions not already in the tracker for your selected year.

This will create a list of transactions for you to review and confirm using the green check icon. The imported transactions will include any descriptions or quantities entered into the invoices recorded in your accounting software.

And you're done! Your tracker is now fully reconciled with your accounting software 🎉

Things to note

Transactions created via importing from your accounting software will have a status of Imported, which will link directly to the invoice in your accounting software.

If you view or try to edit these transactions in Figured at a detailed transaction level, you cannot post the transaction back to your accounting software, which includes any updates you may have made on a Figured side.

If you want to change an imported transaction and have it reflected in your accounting software, we recommend 1) deleting the imported transaction from Figured, 2) making the change in your accounting software, 3) syncing Figured, and re-importing.

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