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Adding a reconciling transaction to your livestock tracker
Adding a reconciling transaction to your livestock tracker

How to reconcile in your livestock production tracker

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Reconciling transactions can be entered into your livestock tracker from the main screen of the production tracker.

A reconciling transfer is an increase or decrease of livestock that does not fall under other livestock movements, i.e. last year 50 x 5+ Yr Ewes went missing from the farm and were recorded as a death, and this year, 45 x 5+ Yr Ewes walked back onto the farm. That movement would be marked as an increased reconciling transaction.

The option to enter a reconciling transaction can be found under Add Transaction as an actual or forecast.

You'll need a date, stock class, and quantity to record reconciling. Notes or a description can be added if you wish.

Once the details have been filled out, you can click Save Transaction. This will then flow through to your tracker and reports.

NOTE: A reconciling transaction differs from reconciling your trackers with your preferred accounting software.

For video tutorials check out our YouTube Livestock Tracker playlist here.

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