If Figured detects that your tracker balances for sales or purchases does not match what is in Xero, it will give you a notification on the affected tracker for you to look at and fix.

From here, you can either use one click reconciling to import transactions added to Xero which are not in Figured, or you can read below on how to manually reconcile.

Click Resolve now to view the details of the inconsistent balances. The process is the same for any livestock, wool or related tracker.

On the inconsistent balances screen seen below, you’ll see the balance in Figured and the balance in Xero. Any transactions in Figured included in these amounts will be listed here.

Click on the blue Total in Xero link, which will link you directly to a transaction summary report in Xero for the account in question.

This takes us to see the list of transaction/s that make up that total in Xero.

Click on the transaction title to view transaction details, and take note of the particulars of the transaction.

We’ll now head back into Figured to create a contra for the Xero transaction. Click Add New Transaction, then select the appropriate transaction type.

Complete the required fields with details and amounts that match the transaction in Xero. 

Take note of whether your transactions are tax inclusive or tax exclusive as per the record on Xero, and that the total at the bottom matches what's on your Xero account.

NOTE: Ensure the Post to Xero box remains un-ticked as this transaction already exists in Xero, then click save transaction.

If you have multiple sales in Xero which aren’t yet in Figured, you can enter multiple transactions via a multi-line transaction to ensure everything balances.

The same theory applies for both sales and purchase transactions.

Once the appropriate transactions have been added, the inconsistent balances message will disappear.

Posting to Xero in error

When adding actuals in your trackers, if you’ve accidentally ticked the box Post to Xero (and this has duplicated your livestock transactions) the easiest way to resolve this is to delete the livestock transactions in Figured then re-enter them, ensuring the Post to Xero box remains un-ticked.

Then manually sync your account with Xero as above.

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