To match stock movements on the farm with the corresponding movements in the bank accounts, each mapped production (tracker) account needs to have the same financial values in both Figured and Xero. There are three ways to have your trackers accounts reconciling, and we'll step you through all of them.

  1. Create a transaction in Xero, and then reconcile in Figured, you can use the one click reconciling function to achieve this

  2. Post directly from Figured to Xero, and reconcile against the actual transaction in Xero

  3. Create an individual transaction in Xero and a create a matching transaction in Figured

Create a transaction in Xero and import to Figured using one-click reconciling

This method has you first working in Xero, and then coming back into Figured to reconcile your transactions. Using this method would utilise one click reconciling from Xero into Figured

Enter your stock sales and purchases into Xero as normal, and then head over to this help article to get you sorted on reconciling your imported transactions from Xero.

Create a transaction in Figured and post to Xero

This method is our recommended best practice, as it means your production trackers are always up to date and reconciled! Plus, there's no double handling involved.

First, head into your tracker and add an actual purchase or sale. Enter your details as you would any other, ensuring you select Post to Xero (key part!), and select save transaction when you're done.

That's it! Your one-step reconciliation is complete. The invoice for that purchase or sale has now been posted to Xero, and is awaiting payment.

NOTE: Figured accounts will be marked as "unreconciled" until a payment has been applied to the invoice in Xero.

Create a transaction in Xero and create a transaction in Figured

This process see’s you creating a transaction in both Xero and Figured. In Xero you would add in a sale or purchase transaction using the invoice or bills tool. Once you’ve created the same transaction in Figured it will recognise and match transactions with the same details when your file has been synced with Xero.

To find out more about creating an individual sale transaction in Figured head to this help article. If you are wanting to create a purchase transactions in your livestock trackers, head to this help article.

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