Who does this apply to?

  1. I am an accountant / advisor that has a new client already on Figured, but I am not yet the bill payer of their Figured file.

  2. I am an accountant / advisor and have a client that has moved to a new accounting firm but I am still the bill payer of their Figured file.

  3. I am a farmer that has changed accountants / advisor and I want my new accountant to take over my Figured file.

What do I need to do to get billing / access moved to the new accountant / advisor?

Any of the parties above will need to send an email to support@figured.com including all relevant parties to confirm that all agree to change the billing to the new accountant.

Once we've received confirmation from at least the new and old bill payer we can get that shifted over.

If you are not affiliated with an accounting practice / an advisor and you just want to change the bill payer of your file see this article here.

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