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How do I transfer billing to a different accounting practice?
How do I transfer billing to a different accounting practice?

Learn what steps to take when your Figured file is changing accountants or the bill payer is changing

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Who does this apply to?

The following workflow will assist you in transferring the billing details and access of an existing Figured file if you match any of the following situations.

  • An accountant/practice that has a new client already on Figured, but is not yet the bill payer of their Figured file

  • An accountant/practice whose client has moved to a new accounting firm but is still set as the bill payer of their Figured file.

  • A farmer has changed accountants/advisers and needs the new accountant to take over the existing Figured file.

What do I need to do to get billing and access moved to the new accountant/adviser?

Step 1: Grant access

The first step in transferring access and billing to the new bill payer is to invite them into the file. You can invite the Organisation that is planning to take over billing into the file by heading to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Organisation’ page.

When on this page you will see a list of any Organisations that already have access to this file. If the Organisation taking over billing is not yet invited into the file select the ‘+ Add New Organisation’ button.

This will give you a pop-up window and allow you to search for the Organisation that needs to be added. The Organisation will need to be added with ‘Can Edit + Adviser’ access in order to take over the billing of a file.

In the example below, you can see the current bill payers already have access to the file and the new bill payers need to be invited.

Once the new bill payers Organisation has been added to the file, a user from within that Organisation can log in to Figured and change the billing. The following steps can only be carried out by a user within the new bill payers Organisation.

Step 2: Transfer billing

In order to transfer billing to the new bill payers Organisation the billing details must first be set up against the Organisation. This Help Centre article will walk you through how to set up the Organisation's billing if it hasn’t been done so yet.

You can assign billing to the new bill payers Organisation in two ways.

The first option is to head into the individual file and go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Billing’ page. On this page, you will see the current bill payer listed and to update to the new bill payer simply select the ‘Change Bill Payer’ option. From there you will be able to select the Organisation as the new bill payer.

The second option can be done directly within the Organisation in Figured. By heading to the ‘Farms’ list within the Organisation you can search for the file's name. This file will now show within the Organisation's list of farms after being granted Organisation access.

Once the file name is located simply press the pencil icon on the far right-hand side of the page. This will allow you to enter any billing reference details if needed and you can also select the ‘Assign billing’ option to make the Organisation the new bill payer.

Step 3: Transfer ownership

If someone within the current bill payers Organisation is the owner of the file you will need to transfer the ownership to a member of the new bill payers Organisation. Please note that the transfer of ownership can only be actioned by the current owner of the file.

The first step to transferring ownership of the file is inviting the new owner as a user in the farm. Head to ‘Settings’ > ‘People’ and select the ‘Invite person’ option. This will send the new user an invite to the farm.

Once the user has been invited you can then transfer ownership by clicking on that users name or email within the ‘People’ page. From the permissions drop down you will have the option to assign this user as the owner of the file. As previously mentioned, only the current owner will have the option to change another user to owner.

It’s also a good idea to remove the previous owner from the file at this time if you no longer require access. You can do so by clicking on their name or email and selecting ‘Remove from farm’.

How do I remove access from the previous Organisation?

Once the billing has successfully been transferred to the new bill payer it's good practice to remove the previous bill payer’s Organisation access of the Figured file. You do so by heading to the Figured file and going to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Organisation’ page.

If the previous bill payers Organisation still has access it will be listed on this page. To remove access you can select their current access level and at the bottom of the drop box a ‘Remove’ option will be available.

You can also head to the ‘Settings > ‘People’ page within the farm to remove any individual users from the Organisation who may no longer need access to the file.

For any questions or concerns related to billing please email the team at

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