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How to pay for a farm

An overview of the billing / subscription process

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Farms on Figured can be paid for by an individual user or organisation

Personal billing vs organisation billing

Personal billing means the farm subscription will be sitting against your personal login account and will be billed via the payment details that you've set up under your login - you can read more about this here.

This means that you cannot nominate another user as the bill payer. Only a user logged in to their account can set themselves as the bill payer of a farm.

If you would like to transfer ownership of a farm from yourself to another user, they will need to log in and complete this process themselves.

Organisation billing, on the other hand, means that the farm subscription will be sitting under your firm or group's organisation on Figured. You can find out more about organisations here.

If a member of an organisation has access to billing within the org, they can assign org billing to any farm that the org has access to, which means an organisation can pay for and manage subscriptions for all of their clients on Figured.

Taking over a subscription

Head into the farm you wish to pay for, then to Settings > Billing.

On this page, you'll see the total monthly cost of the current subscription, along with the option to change the subscription.

You'll then be able to select Change Bill Payer to change to **either yourself or your organisation (if you are a member of an organisation and have access to billing).

If your billing account is inactive, this will be shown on your billing page, and you may lose access to the farm(s) until the billing method is updated.

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