If you are part of an organisation on Figured and you wish to continue to have access to your farm(s) on Figured, you must update your personal billing information before the free trial expires.

First log into Figured, click the Your organisation tab and then click on Billing.

Complete your organisation’s billing details and click Save changes. 

As an organisation, you can choose to setup either a direct credit or direct debit from your credit card or bank account.

Select direct debit or credit card from the buttons at the bottom of the page. Complete your details, then confirm.

NOTE: Your credit card and bank account details are processed by the secure payment processor Ezidebit. Figured does not store or retain your credit card or bank account details as per the Figured terms and conditions (Section 1).

Your organisation’s billing profile is now complete. 

Next you will want to assign Farms to your organisation account.

You can assign farms to your organisation under the Organisation admin > Farms tab by clicking on Assign billing.

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