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What is a multi-farm?
What is a multi-farm?
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Multi-farms in Figured allows you to utilise the tracking categories that are built into Xero.

You're able to easily split apart your single Figured farm into "multiple farms" and have these different farms share the same Xero settings, and one Figured file.

For example, if you have a dairy, beef, and B&B operation setup in your one Xero account, you'll be able to have a "Dairy Operations" and "Beef Operations" farm in your single multi-farm, and you won't have to use your B&B operation at all.

You'll be able to run reports on your consolidated operations, or just one at a time.

NOTE: Multi-farm has an additional cost - each farm is an additional Figured license.

Your current subscription cost can be found under the Farm > Settings > Billing.

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