What is the product tracker?

Keep on top of your inventory with our product tracker

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The product tracker is where we store your crop harvests before you sell them, and your consumables before you use them. 

You can reach it by going to Operations > Trackers. It’ll appear once you create your first crop season.

The product tracker lists all products you have available for a particular year, with the ability to click into actual or forecast movements for a product which will show your in/ out transactions for that particular product.

From there, you can click into the particular Type of movement (e.g. Harvests) and that will take you to the filtered View transactions page for your product tracker.

When you’re in the product tracker you can record different transactions, like sales & purchases of products. 

There are a few ways to put products into this tracker - either by setting opening balances, adding them through transactions, or by sending purchases through from the allocator.
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