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What is the allocator?

Our allocation tool lets you allocate actual income and expenses to production centres

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The allocator is how you can allocate actual transactions inside your accounting software to a crop season tracker or the Inventory in Figured.

The allocation tool can be accessed via your farm's dashboard or from within your farm's left-hand navigation.


All of your accounting transactions will come through to your allocator automatically. To help process all of those transactions on the Figured side of things - you can set up allocation rules to automatically do it for you, either based on account or tracking option.

Filtering and viewing transactions

When you're working within your allocator, if you need to find a certain transaction in your allocator, there are a range of ways to filter the information shown:

  • Filter by account name, e.g. Crop - Fertiliser

  • Filter by status, e.g. Dismissed or Unallocated

  • Filter by transaction type, e.g. Invoice or Manual journal

  • Filter by type, e.g. Expenses

Note: The filter by tracker option will only appear when viewing the 'Allocated' status

You also can set start/end dates and show between 10 and 100 transactions per page.

Identifying the source of your allocations

For allocated transactions, the source of the allocation will be displayed. For example, if an allocation was created by one of the allocator rules the name of the allocation rule will be displayed. For manual allocations, the name of the user who created the allocation and the date on which the transaction was allocated will be displayed, as per below.

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