Inter-tracker transfer transactions can be entered into your livestock tracker from the main screen of the production tracker.

An inter-tracker transfer is a movement of livestock between “like” trackers on the same farm i.e. moving MA Cows from one dairy herd to another. You must create a transfer out first, which will then create a transfer in. If you wish to edit the inter-tracker transfer, you would always edit the transfer out transaction.

The option to enter an inter-tracker transfer transaction can be found under Add Transaction, either as an actual or forecast.

To record an inter-tracker transfer, you'll need the following information:

  • Transfer date

  • Whether you are posting to Xero (actuals only)

  • From stock class (from originating tracker)

  • To stock class inside of a to tracker (to destination tracker)

  • Quantity

  • Weight and whether carcass or live weight (optional)

  • Amount (total, per head, or per KG)

Once the details have been filled out, you can click Save Transaction. This will then flow through to your tracker and reports.

NOTE: You can only transfer stock between trackers of the same type, so you will not have the option to complete transfers at all unless you have two like trackers.

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