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Adding a rations transaction to your livestock tracker
Adding a rations transaction to your livestock tracker

How to enter rations into your NZ / AU livestock production tracker

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Rations can be entered into your livestock tracker from the main screen of the production tracker - this option will only appear if you are on a New Zealand or an Australian farm.

Ration transactions would be used when you wish to record that livestock has been used for personal use on your farm, i.e. killed for food.

To see the option to track and record rations, head to your tracker settings and click the check box to track stock used for rations. Then, map the value and contra account to record these transactions against.

Once you’ve updated the settings the option to add this type of transaction can be found under Add Transaction, either as an actual or forecast.

To record a rations transaction, you'll need the following information:

  • Transaction date

  • Where you are posting (actuals only)

  • Stock class

  • Quantity

  • Weight and whether carcass or live weight (optional)

  • Amount (total, per head, or per KG)

You can also choose to enter notes or a description if you wish.

Once the details have been filled out, you can click Save Transaction. This will then flow through to your tracker and reports.

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