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Benefits of using multi-farm (multi-enterprise)
Benefits of using multi-farm (multi-enterprise)

Why would you switch over your existing Figured farm to a multi-farm (multi-enterprise)

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If you're thinking about turning your single Figured license into a multi-farm (multi-enterprise) but you're not sure how it would work, check out the information below to see what it offers in comparison to a single license.

Switching to a multi-farm (multi-enterprise) allows you to...

  • Have one cloud-based accounting account with a single tax number for as many unique entities as you like

  • Have a single streamlined chart of accounts across all of the entities

  • Have multiple Figured licenses under the one main Figured farm link

  • Fully plan and report on a single farm view...

  • ...and then view all plans and reports on a consolidated view too!

  • Create production trackers unique to a subsidiary farm - use the same sales and purchases accounts no matter how many beef trackers you need (Financial Farmer only)

  • Raise invoices to preferred accounting software using the subsidiary farms unique tracking option (Financial Farmer only)

Looking to switch over to a multi-farm (multi-enterprise)? Check out the how to on doing it, or get in touch with the team if you've got a few more questions.

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