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Planning and reporting in multi-farm (multi-enterprise)
Planning and reporting in multi-farm (multi-enterprise)

Running reports on your multi-farm (multi-enterprise) enabled farm

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Once your multi-farm (multi-enterprise) has been enabled and set up on Figured, you can move onto planning & reporting.

Planning in your multi-farm (multi-enterprise)

Your Production Trackers can be in either a Consolidated or an Individual farm view. You can change this view using the dropdown next to the farm name.

For your trackers, you don’t need to do anything extra; you can head into your tracker and budget as you would any other production tracker on Figured.

For your Planning Grid, you will need to be in an individual farm view. This is because each individual farm can have its own unique plan.

You can still view your Planning tab in a Consolidated view, which makes it easy to view your overall plan across all your farms.

Reporting in your multi-farm (multi-enterprise)

To run a report in your multi-farm (multi-enterprise), you’ll need to head into the Reports tab first and select your chosen report.

Using the farm dropdown menu next to the farm name you can select whether you wish to report on a Consolidated view, or you can click into a subsidiary farm and report on the individual farm.

To get the most out of your reports, check out Exporting and Sharing Reports.

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