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Multi-farm / multi-enterprise
Multi-farm (multi-enterprise) vs multi-entity in Figured
Multi-farm (multi-enterprise) vs multi-entity in Figured

What's the difference between a multi-farm (multi-enterprise) and a multi-entity group?

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Figured has two products available for consolidated reporting, with them each having unique uses and options available.

Multi-farm or multi-enterprise is used when you have one accounting software account with many entities inside that account, and you wish to have these under a single Figured farm.

Multi-farm is available on Farm Manager farms, multi-enterprise is available on Commercial Manager farms.

Multi-entity is used to consolidate existing Figured farms (all with unique accounts in your accounting software) into a group to allow for consolidated financial reporting.

Multi-farm / multi-enterprise:

  • Single accounting software file with a single GST number

  • Multiple entities (farming / non-farming) in the single accounting software file

  • One main Figured farm split up into many individual farms

  • Full planning / reporting

  • Production trackers and information (Farm Manager only)

  • Consolidated or "single farm" planning / reporting available

  • Additional cost per "farm"


  • Many Figured farms all with unique files in your accounting software

  • Consolidated financial reports pulled from the main Figured farms - no further reporting / planning, no single farm reporting available

  • Can consolidate multi-farms into a multi-entity group

  • Inter-entity offsets between the farms selected

  • Consolidate account option available between the farms selected

  • No additional cost

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