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Statement of Position - Access
Statement of Position - Access
Where to find the Statement of Position, and how to navigate the data
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Where is the Statement of Position in Figured?

Statement of Position can be found under the Accounting tab, in the Figured navigation bar.

Location of the Statement of Position in the navigation menu bar in Figured

Where is the data pulling from?

The unedited baseline data you see in your Statement of Position is pulled directly from the Figured Values on the Assets & Liabilities page. As you update your assets and liabilities (left) these will flow through to the Statement of Position (right).

NOTE: When editing the values in your Statement of Position (right) this does NOT flow back through to the Assets & Liabilities page (left)

Highlighting the origin of the data in the Assets & Liabilities page

NOTE : To enlarge image, right click and open in new tab

How do I navigate the data?

At the top of the page you will find a secondary date selector just like in the Assets & Liabilities page.

Displaying the date selector that indicates what data is visible

The View as at field will allow you to view the Statement of Position at a certain point in time. As mentioned above this data is pulled directly from the Figured values on the Assets & Liabilities page as at that point in time.

Actuals to allows you to adjust the mix of Actuals and Forecast data displayed. We recommend users set the actuals to the most recent reconciled data in your accounting software.

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