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Snapshots within your farm
Snapshots within your farm

Taking and managing snapshots of your farms forecasts

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This functionality allows you to take a "snapshot" of your farms plan. A snapshot is a copy of your rolling plan at a point in time. It is like a picture of your farm and contains all the data of your farm at the time you took the picture. You can take as many snapshots as you want, and use them to compare against your farm to track changes throughout the year. This means it captures all historical data as well as any plans beyond the current financial year.

A snapshot can't be edited, so you know that it’s an accurate picture of the farm at the time that the snapshot was taken.

Taking snapshots

Snapshots can be taken from the planning grid at any time. There's no limits to the number of snapshots that you can take within a farm.

You can name the snapshot anything that you want, this name will be visible in your reports.

Actuals to
The snapshot captures all the data in your farm, including any actuals. This lets you choose what you'd like to capture in the snapshot.

You can add a description or notes for the snapshot here, these will appear in your reports so you know what the snapshot relates to.

Annual plan
You can mark this snapshot as your farms annual or approved plan. You can only have one annual plan per each financial year.

Managing snapshots

All of your snapshots can be managed under Planning > Snapshots. Here you can control which snapshots are visible in the rest of the farm, and you can also change which snapshot you'd like to set as the Annual plan.

Archive snapshot
Archiving a snapshot hides it from other parts of the farm, you might want to use this for snapshots that are no longer useful. You can restore any snapshot that you archive.

Edit snapshot
You can edit the snapshot name as well as its description. Both of these details show in your reports. However, once a snapshot is taken you aren’t able to change the data contained within them.

Set as annual plan
Change which snapshot best represents your farms approved plan here.

These changes will be captured in your farms audit log under Settings > Audit log.

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