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Statement of Position - Editing
Statement of Position - Editing

How to edit your Statement of Position - creating new accounts, hiding existing accounts, creating groups and making notes

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The function of the Statement of Position is primarily to have more customisation around the important aspects of your business within the Statement of Position report.

There are several features you can use when editing the Statement of Position to help with this…

How do I begin editing the Statement of Position?

The Unlock & Edit button will allow you to begin edit the values that have pulled through from the Assets & Liabilities page, and then lock any values or accounts you’ve manually adjusted.

What editing functions are available?

Hide accounts

If there are certain accounts you don't want to see in the report you can hide them by clicking into the 3 dot menu button to the righthand side of the account and hit ‘hide’.

For example you may wish to hide the ‘Rounding’ account like below…

Hiding an account in the Statement of Position

Edit the name and value of accounts

If there are any accounts you want to edit the name of to make it more clear what they represent you can unlock and edit the names as you wish.

You also have the ability to make manual adjustments to the values against the account as well.

For example below we may want to clarify that this particular drawings account belongs to Shareholder 1 you may need to adjust the value...

Editing the name and value of an account in the Statement of Position

Adding a custom group

If you need to create any custom group headings you can do so by adding a group from under one of the Asset or Liability sections.

For example here we’ve split out the Plant & Equipment accounts under the Non Current Assets section under it’s own group called Plant & Equipment and dragged in the accounts we want to display under that custom heading…

Adding new account

If there are any accounts that don’t appear in your Asset & Liability page in Figured that you want to add in to the Statement of Position you can enter them by either adding a new liability or asset.

For example here we’ve added in a land asset as a Statement of Position only value…

Adding notes to accounts

You also have the ability to add notes to any of the accounts by clicking the 3 dot menu button next to the account and hitting the ‘Add Note’ button…

Adding a note to an account in the Statement of Position

These notes will then appear at the bottom of the section in which they’ve been added…

Where to find the notes you've made in the Statement of Position

How do I reset any changes I've made?

Resetting edited accounts individually

By using the 3 dot menu to the right of the account you can choose ‘Reset value’ to reset that account to the value as it appears in Figured at that point in time.

Resetting one account to its original value

Resetting all edited accounts

You also have the ability to reset all changes made to the Statement of Position by clicking Reset All from the edit screen.

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