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Crop Season Summary report
Crop Season Summary report
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The Crop Season Summary report is used to show a breakdown of all the information pertaining to a specific crop season. It provides information on the area used by the crop, the yield, the income and costs associated and the value of all on hand products that have not yet been sold or used.

Report period settings

When running the report you have several date range options available to you:

  • Season

  • Full Season

  • Custom

Selecting a season will run the report to your farms season not the trackers season. Meaning if your farms operation runs from April to March and you select the 2023 season your report will run from 1 April 2022 to 30 March 2023.

The Full Season option will run the report to the full season of your crops season tracker. It will pull through all of the trackers data regardless of where it fits within the farms balance date period.

You also have the option to run the report against a Custom period, found at the bottom of the period dropdown. This allows you to select a specific start and end date for what data is pulled.

Field level reporting

In your reports additional settings options you have the option to report at a field level. You can select individual field from the dropdown menu or select all fields.

When you select individual fields you will also have the option to show the sum of the remaining fields that you haven't selected in their own section.

This means your selected fields will be displayed in their own sections under the field names and all unselected fields will be grouped under "other fields", as shown below.

Financial summary options

On the report you have the added option to show your Financial Summary on a $/ha and a $/unit basis.

When selecting the $/unit option you will need to then select a product from the dropdown menu. This is essential for determining the unit used for any calculations.

Those calculations are then displayed alongside your financial summary data and are also broken down by a field level alongside the rest of your data.

Sharing/exporting options

You have the option of sharing and exporting the report.

To allow for maximum fields on the page, the PDF export option for this report will always be in landscape. This applies if this report is added to a Report Pack. Regardless of the orientation selected of the Crop Season Summary Report, this section of the Report Pack will always be in landscape as well.

During the event that you select more than five fields when running the report and you are looking to export this, the report will run for the first set of 5 fields in the PDF plus the Total Crop Season column. The report will then repeat for the additional fields with a maximum of 5 fields plus the total column on each repeated version on the report.

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