Adding a new crop season

Add in a new crop season and define its area

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For each crop you produce on the farm, you'll have a crop or arable season setup.
When you're in Operations > Trackers click + Create new tracker

From the list provided, select Crop season.

You'll be prompted to enter a Name and a Crop type.

NOTE: Crop types are pre-defined by the team for all farms on Figured, so if you can’t see your crop type on the drop down, reach out to our team.

Once the tracker is created, you'll want to define your crop season area. Your crop season area is defined based on your properties & fields setup on the farm.

When you're all ready, click Define crop season area.

A new window will appear, enter your Season start date and Figured will automatically provide you a list of available fields to attribute to your crop season.

If needed, you can add in any notes about this crop season area, and you can adjust the area used from your fields too. By default, Figured will use 100% of your fields area.

When you're happy with your defined area, click Confirm.

Your crop season has been successfully created!

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