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Dynamic planning using the auto calculation tool
Dynamic planning using the auto calculation tool

Expenses as a percentage of sales, cost per hectare, dollar per stock unit

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What is dynamic planning?

Dynamic (formula-based) planning can be used for planning expenses and/or income as percentages of a particular account, as a dollar per hectare, dollar per Milk Production unit or stock unit allowing you to plan more efficiently and accurately. This means that your forecast will dynamically change each month as these on farm metrics change throughout the season.

Any accounts that are in dynamic mode will display with the lightning symbol next to them in the planning grid.

Choosing the dynamic planning option

Choose the account you wish to enter the transactions against by clicking the name of the account and change it over to the Dynamic Mode.

Dynamic mode

Any transactions entered using the Dynamic Mode tool will be cleared if you choose to begin entering manual transactions in this account again


Start and End dates allow you to change the dynamic calculation if the rate, tracker or frequency change eg if a cost is $6 per ha one season and $7.50 per ha the next you can add multiple lines with different dates. You must always set the Start Date (end date is optional so it will continue creating dynamic transactions).

Metric Options

Dollar per Milk Production unit

You can enter the dollar amount and select the KgMS option from the dropdown.

Then you can choose which milk tracker you wish to pull the production from for the calculation.

e.g. if you're entering the transactions from the 2023 year this will choose the KgMS for each month that you have in your 2023 milk season.

NOTE: If your Figured planning season dates differ to the typical milk tracker season this will only calculate the amounts for the months that sit within that year in the planning grid (see image below)

Dollar per hectare, per stock unit (SU) or per head

For dollar per hectare transactions this is based off either the milking platform set in the milk tracker OR the farm area set in your properties and fields OR off a particular Crop Season area. Simply select the area you want the transactions to calculate off.

Dollar per stock unit and per head will be based off the stock units and per head of livestock in your livestock trackers. As the quantity on hand changes in each of these trackers your forecast will automatically adjust accordingly.

As a percentage of another linked account code

You can choose a linked account to add transactions as a percentage of another account.

For example if you're wanting a 2% bonus payment forecast added for a contract milker as a percentage of total milk income each month you can choose the milk production account and the transactions will calculate 2% of each months income.

You can also choose to calculate a percentage based on a total of several different account codes, just select as many accounts as you like from the drop down.


When setting up the automatic calculations you must select the frequency that you want the calculations to occur. You have the following options available to you:

  • Monthly - Transactions will be automatically created monthly.

  • Bimonthly - Transactions will be automatically created every 2 months.

  • Quarterly - Transactions will be automatically created every 3 months.

  • Biannually - Transactions will be automatically created every 6 months.

  • Annually - A transaction will be automatically created every 12 months.

  • Custom - Select the months you want transactions to be automatically created in. This option defaults to the month within the Profit date. The Cash date of those transactions will depend on that account’s payment period.


You can choose whether or not to allocate the dynamic transactions to the tracker. When adding an allocations your tracker groups, when applicable, will display in the menu as an easy way to identify your grouped trackers.

If allocated it will mean these transactions will appear under the tracker in all reports and will contribute to the tracker's gross profit.

The distribution symbol will appear for any account that has forecast allocations. Hovering over the symbol will show you how the amount has been distributed.

Allocate dynamic transactions
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