Stock units

Stock Units are calculated based on the opening stock numbers and the stock units assigned to each stock class within the weight configuration page. Read more about the weight configuration page by heading to this article!

For example, if we look at the opening stock number for our sheep tracker below we will want to identify which stock classes we start our season with and the quantity against each stock class.

We want to then head to our weight configuration page to see the stock unit rate for each of those stock classes.

From there, take the closing stock quantity for each stock class x the stock unit rate of that class

MA Ewes : 2,207 x 1 = 2194

Two Tooth Ewes: 300 x 1 = 295

Ewe Hoggets: 200 x. 70 = 140 +

Mixed Lambs: 170 x 1 = 170

Breeding Rams: 9 x .80 = 7

2,824 stock units

Then we add those totals to get our total stock units.

Birth rate percentage

The birth rate on the farm summary report is the number of offspring actually produced by a cow divided by the number of potential offspring. To calculate the birth rate we want to take the number of births for that season divided by the total opening quantities for your breeding classes . Take that calculation and multiply it by 100 to give you the percentage.

MA Ewes: 2,207
Two Tooth Ewes: 300. +
Ewe Hoggets: 200


2,707 ÷ 1,019 = 0.376

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