As part of your crop season, you're able to add a number of different transactions or movements. One of those is the ability to record a harvest.

A harvest can only be recorded when inside a crop season, and it can be either an actual or a forecast. 


Adding a harvest

To add a harvest, expand the Harvest section of your crop season and click Add harvest.

You can only harvest a crop / production type - in my case, that'd be corn. 


Harvest information

When adding a harvest transaction, you'll need to enter the following information:

  • Type (actual / forecast)

The ability to add it as an actual or forecast depends on your global date settings in the centre of your screen.

In the above screenshot, I can only raise a harvest as a forecast.

  • Harvest date

This is an accrual or profit date, no cash date is required as harvesting a crop doesn't have an impact on your bank accounts bottom line.

  • Notes

This can be any additional notes you want to record against a harvest.

  • Product (e.g. Corn, or Wheat)

This is the type of crop that you're harvesting, you can add as any harvest lines as you wish for as many crop types as you wish.

  • Yield

Your yield is entered unit / area, e.g. tonnes / ha. Entering the yield will auto-populate the Total harvest cell.

  • Price

Your average sale price or market price is entered $ / unit, e.g. $ / tonne.

  • Total harvest

Your total harvest is entered in unit, e.g. tonnes. Entering the total harvest will auto-populate the Yield cell.

  • Field distribution

Field distribution is how you nominate the fields where your crop type was harvested. 

For example if you grew Corn across two fields, North & South, and you harvested only the North Field, your field distribution would be 100% North Field.

Intended Use 

The last step in recording a harvest is entering your intended use for the harvested product. We can choose what we intend to use the harvested production for, we can add a split for different usages, and assign different prices for the various usage types. The types of usages are:

  • Used for Sale - where we intend to sell the crop

  • Used for Feed - where we intend to use the crop for feed that we will attribute to our livestock trackers

  • Used for Seed - where we intend to use the harvested crop to seed future crops, which we will attribute to those future crop seasons

The default usage is to sell your harvested production.

What's next

When your crop has been harvested, it'll be moved into your Product tracker. From there, you can sell the crop (either from the crop season or the product tracker) or you can leave it as crop on hand to be used or sold later.

As you raise harvests, these will contribute to your crops season KPIs.

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